Psalm 29: Lord

Ps 29:11, “The LORD will give strength to His people; the LORD will bless His people with peace.”

Lord. Jehovah. God. I really like this particular definition that I found at,”The proper name of the one true God.” In other words, we would more properly refer to Him as Lord God (Mr. Lord God). The idea in the Hebrew is that the two are inseparable. He is Lord. He is God. He is not “either-or.” He is “both-and.” He is not merely the Lord of the gods, as if he were the chief deity of some pantheon of lesser beings. He is not some Zeus surrounded by a cast of supporting characters. Next to Him there are no other gods. None. They simply don’t exist. There is only one God. Just one. And He is it. He is superior. He is supreme. He is sovereign. He is Jehovah God. He is Lord God.

In my opinion it is the failure to understand Him as Lord that is one of the chief reasons for the breakdowns in the modern church today (particularly here in the Western culture). Let me explain. Few of us have little hesitation when it comes to embracing Him as God. We love to celebrate His power, His promises, and His provision. This is particularly true when we consider Him in the light of our current needs and sufferings. When faced with our own personal Red Sea situations we love the idea of an all-knowing and all-powerful God. Someone whose power knows no limits? Someone who can do anything? Heal my sick body? Deliver me from my addictions? Change my circumstances? Yes sir!!! Sign me up!!! I have no problem with God. No, God is not the problem.

It’s the Lord part that causes the struggle. See, lordship is all about someone being sovereign and someone being submitted. Lordship involves surrender. And that, my friend, is where the battle lies for so many of us. Our fleshly, fallen nature hates the idea of submitting to anyone or anything. We celebrate independence. Our sinful nature embraces rebellion and disobedience as if they were the chief virtues. And that is why we struggle so frequently in our own daily walks. There is no such thing as partial obedience in the Kingdom. I am reminded of the old Christian saying that goes, “Either He is Lord of all or He is not Lord at all.” God shares His throne with no one or no thing. He is Lord God.

In Psalm 29 it is impossible to miss the repeated emphasis of “the Lord.” From beginning to end it appears some 18 times. That’s almost two times for every one line. Think David might be trying to tell us something? Our Lord is far more majestic, far more glorious than we tend to understand. In light of the trials, tribulations and troubles of this world we need to remember that He is Lord of all. He is Lord over all. With just a word He makes even the strongest obstacles shatter before Him. Nothing in this world can resist his power. Nothing is exempt from His will. Nothing it seems, except man. Think about it. In all of creation we alone resist His rule. We alone choose to walk in rebellion. Everything else? Subject to His rule and obedient to His Word. The trees shatter before Him. The mountains shake at His presence. Life ushers forth at His command. But man? We set our feet in proud resistance, shake our fists at the heavens, and declare that we will not be ruled. We will not submit. We will not surrender. He will not be Lord of us.

That is one of the reasons why so few people today know any real strength or experience any lasting peace. Look at verse 11 again. Who is it that gives strength to His people? Who is it that blesses His people with peace? That’s right. The Lord. Are you willing to be honest with both God and yourself? Hey, I’ll go first if it will help. I hate to admit it but there are still areas in my life that have not been surrendered. As I survey the landscape of my spiritual life I recognize that there is still a need in my life to lift the white flag. There is still a need to continually bring myself before His throne, to lay down my pride and my rebellion, to surrender all the kingdoms of my heart to His sovereignty. See, I need strength. I need it desperately. And I also need peace. And the truth is those things come from only one Person. If I want Him as God, then I must embrace Him as Lord. There really is no other way except to surrender all.