Psalm 2: Worship

Ps 2;11-12, “Worship the Lord with reverence and rejoice with trembling. Do homage to the Son,…”

Worship. An equally accurate rendering of the word as it appears in the Hebrew (the original language of the OT) is serve. In other words, verse 11 could also be translated, “Serve the Lord with reverence…” I know. Service as an expression of worship? It doesn’t really seem to reflect some of the current thoughts regarding worship in the church today. But the truth is that it is impossible to separate the two ideas. Serving the Lord is worship. And in the same manner true worship will find expression in service.

Let me explain. As it relates to Psalm 2 specifically, serving the Lord is the critical issue. In the opening verses of this Psalm we find the nations and the kings of the earth plotting on how best to overthrow God’s rule. Tragically, they mistakenly perceive the freedom He offers as bondage. They desire independence. They long to liberate themselves from His reign. They refuse to serve Him. They refuse to worship Him. Hence, the warning and call to, “Worship (serve) the Lord with reverence…”

At it’s core the issue here is one of sovereignty and submission. They refuse to submit to God as the Sovereign. They refuse to humble themselves and serve Him. As a result, they fail to worship Him. Biblical worship in it’s most basic sense is ultimately a matter of assigning worth. I worship that which I value, that to which I have assigned worth. As it relates to God, He alone is worthy; therefore, He is worthy of all of our worship. At all times. Regardless. Service is closely related to worship because it flows from the same understanding. I serve God because He is worthy. Accordingly, serving God becomes an expression of worship. A refusal to serve declares that in my estimation God is not worthy of my service, i.e. God is not worthy.

We all long for a worship that flows from a heart of love and gratitude, a genuine response to the goodness and gifts of our Lord. We want something authentic. We want something real. But worship should never be limited to thanksfulness, to something that we feel at the moment. Yes, we should worship God for all that He does. Without question. But far more importantly, we should worship Him because He is God. Thus, the great need for people who willing choose to serve Him. Can there be any greater act of worship than to serve? To willing lay aside my own wants and desires? To humble myself and surrender myself to the will of the One who alone is worthy? Little wonder that Jesus Himself declared, “…the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,…” Little wonder that He lay aside His garments and took the place of a servant during His last night together with the disciples. Jesus understood. If we would truly worship the Lord, then we must also serve the Lord.