When Difficult Becomes Impossible

Luke 8:49, “While Jesus was still speaking, someone came from the house of the synagogue official,  saying, Your daughter has died; do not trouble the Teacher anymore.”

For what had seemed like an eternity Jairus had stood beside the lake, eyes fixed on the horizon, desperately looking for Jesus’ boat. Just at the moment when Jairus began to think it would never arrive the boat finally appeared and pulled ashore. Running up to Jesus, Jairus fell at His feet and cried out. “Please, I beg You! Come to my house! My only daughter is dying!” Jesus compassionately agreed and began the walk to the home of Jairus. In that moment hope began to grow in Jairus’ heart. Jesus had said, “Yes.” Now it was only a matter of time. If only they could get there…before it was too late.

I imagine that every step seemed like they were moving in slow motion for Jairus. Everything inside of him wanted to grab Jesus and run at a full out sprint. The life of his young daughter was hanging in the balance. With each passing moment her condition deteriorated and any hope of saving her decreased. But the crowd was too large. People were pressing in on Jesus from every side. It was all Jairus could do to just stay close to Jesus. So many people. All pushing and pressing for just one touch. To make matters worse Jesus had actually stopped at one point, asking His disciples who had touched Him. Finally, a woman came crawling to Jesus on her knees. Jairus hardly heard a word she was saying. His mind was completely elsewhere. What was wrong with Jesus? Didn’t He know what was at stake here? His daughter would be dead if they didn’t hurry. In his heart Jairus wondered if they would get there in time.

And then the messenger arrived with the news that Jairus’ daughter had died. Jairus’ heart broke. His hope sank. His breath got stuck in his throat. Fear took control in that very moment. What had been difficult had just now become impossible. Up until that point he had hope. Yes, it had been diminishing with each passing moment, but it had been hope nonetheless. Some hope is always better than no hope. But now…now it was over. His daughter was dead. They were too late. There was nothing that Jesus could do anymore.

Do not be afraid any longer; only believe, and she will be made well.” I have often thought to myself over the years that the really amazing miracle in this account is what took place in Jairus’ heart. He had given in to fear. He had given up any and all hope that he once had earlier that day. But with one promise Jesus completely resurrected a broken man’s lost hope. How do I know that? Because Jairus finished the journey with Jesus by his side. Everything within him and everyone around him had said, “Quit! It’s hopeless! It’s pointless! Do not trouble the Teacher anymore!” But Jairus kept going forward with Jesus.

That, my friends, is really the only thing that any of us can do when the difficult becomes impossible. Jesus has promised that He will never leave us or abandon us. Especially when life gets impossible. He will not walk away at the moment when we most need Him. When our world has shattered and we can’t even form our next thought, He speaks to our fears and gives a promise of hope. Don’t give up just yet. Don’t quit just yet. It might seem impossible but I urge you to remember, “Nothing will be impossible with God.” Just believe. And keep walking forward. God delights in surprising His children with unexpected endings. When we think it’s the end, God declares that this is just the beginning. He always saves the best for last!