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Market Competition and Indiscriminate Outcomes

It is well-documented that women and ethnic minorities encounter various expressions of discrimination as it relates to market experience. From overt issues like wage inequality to more subtle expressions such as credit denial,… Continue reading

Africa’s Plight, The World’s Opportunity

Our world has become both increasingly smaller and more connected in recent decades. Problems that previously were defined exclusively in national terms now have major international consequences, particularly economic ones. It has been… Continue reading

Religious Pluralism and Persecution in America

Since the earliest days of its inception as a federal constitutional republic, the United States of America has symbolized religious pluralism and freedom. Recognized by many as an inalienable human right, freedom of… Continue reading

Words Of Encouragement: Storms On The Horizon

To be completely honest and upfront, this is not a “blog” today. It’s a very personal diary entry for myself. I warn you of that because otherwise this will seem incredibly self-serving. But… Continue reading

Never Forget, Remembering 9-11 In Cartoons

Nothing fancy today. Just a brief collections of some powerful “cartoons” from that day. Take care and God bless. ¬†

The Problem With Irrational Leadership And Why It’s Our Own Fault

I know. I gathered an audience through “devotionals.” To be entirely honest, I do intend to continue writing and posting thoughts on faith and life. But at the same time, the recent developments… Continue reading

Some Music Videos That Move Me, Motivate Me, And Make Me A Better Person

Something a little different today. Here are a handful of music videos that have a large impact on me. Music is a powerful medium and I am grateful for the inherent message in… Continue reading

Republican Challenges: Why They Are Losing Votes And Their Voice

Part one of a three-part series on current “party” challenges. Yes, this is a departure from the usual devotionals that I write but bear in mind two things. First of all, my studies… Continue reading

Why I’m Buying “Noah”: Thoughts On Christian Intolerance

Yes, this blog is a little “dated.” The movie has already left the theater (actually came out back in March) but I just got around to watching it. At any rate, I wanted… Continue reading

The Times They Are A-Changin': Top 10 Signs I’m Aging

If you are old enough to remember the words of that old song, you are probably old enough to appreciate today’s blog. As Mr. Dylan once said, “The times they are a-changing.” In¬†recent… Continue reading